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The generation nowadays is increasing with regards to its technological development. Currently, even a 5 year old kid learns how to operate cell phone or computers; much better than their parents’ can. As a result, this is a great illustration exactly how technology affects today’s generation. Technology keeps on improving and we’re keeping ourselves updated to what’s new and what’s hot at the same time.

One of the most popular operating system currently is the Android. This quite common in smartphones users. Due to the heavy usage of Android apps, countless number malware apps and malicious spywares are also growing. This is indeed very distressing and of course, you don’t want such kinds of viruses harm your android phone. installing the best free antivirus for android phones is the appropriate move to make to shield your gadgets from viruses. Although there are countless of the best antivirus for android devices in the marketplace

It aims to prevent the spywares and malwares from entering your android gadgets. with its Anti-Theft feature and remote selections through the SMS commands and web gateways; you can locate and get your gadget back if its stolen. It acts like a ghost since it has this invisible effect for thieves.

Its one of the best antivirus for android gadgets. In fact It is considered as the best antivirus for android phone as it features great safety features just like Apps Lock, Call Blocker, Device Lock, Locate and Track, Data Backup, Remotely Wipe Data, SMS Filter, App Protection and other Safe Web Browsing features.

Since it comes with an Anti-Theft Protection, a whole lot of directly users get interested with this best free antivirus for smart phones and tablets. Besides, it keeps the spyware, malware and other risky threats from getting into your private data and messages in your devices.

KaperSky Mobile Security is also a very remarkable preference in terms of antivirus app for android gadgets. It wipes, blocks and can even help you find your missing phone. This app also has an Anti-Theft protection with Cloud Security Scanner that will inform you concerning malwares that will probably remove the information stored in your cell phone.

LookOut Mobile Security
This security application can protect your mobile devices from viruses and it also has anti-theft features. In connection to that, the PCMag Editor’s Choice regarded it as the best antivirus apps for android.

Well, for your android gadget’s complete security, then choose from the aforementioned antivirus apps. After making a choice, you are now sure enough that your android cell phone will never be harmed by the wicked malwares and spywares that are trying to invade.

In this present times, computer technology advancements are readily visible. Normally, people adapt to changes so that they will not be left out in life’s tides. High-end computer systems these days play a huge role to all of us.

Now, brand-new gadgets are transpiring. These can be in the form of tablet computers computers, smartphones, android phones, laptop and the likes. With that, taking into consideration the best operating system is a must for every gadget user. Needless to say, there are 2 businesses who are really contending for such programs and these are the Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. They are head to head in getting the attention of the public. On the other hand, just iPhone gadgets can just utilize the iOS as the second one gives different levels of hardware purposes. This just implies that you can use any of the products that you would like as the OS is available to countless users. So, if you are one of those who are piqued with this OS, then better continue reading.

In many instances, when folks speak about ‘android’, they typically think about a cellular gadget or phone model. Over the years, Android have gone through countless variations. Among those versions are ‘clair, Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb. Then again, they still produce much more versions that will add great features that will be relished by its users.

The Android OS supports different connectivity technologies and also gives numerous language support. You can still savor this OS contemplating the fact that this can support any hardware versions. What’s more, API or also referred to as the Application Programming Interface is a type of software by which you can get a direct access. However, it has inbuilt multitasking choices that users can savor.

Most of the smart phone customers are even adding this one. It is simply because Android OS functions well for most devices. What precisely makes this useful to others is that these could be installed to any personal computers. You heard it right, Android OS for PC can be used. You can install this software since it is safe for your computer’s hardware. By carrying out this, you can now welcome Android straight from your computer. There are many ways to have Andriod on PC whether it is Windows, MAC or Linux.

There are many methods developed for the installation of Android OS for PC. Nonetheless, there is only one sure method to do it. This is the software VirtualBox from Oracle. Booting is not necessary as this software has the capability to act as the host OS to install it directly. Up to this time, the version 4.0.4 is the only one compatible. You just need to download a VirtualBox that is compatible with your OS. After installing it, you can precede to VMLite source and download the Android 4.0.4 OS for your computer. Having this will let you to have a stronger web connection given that this file is quite huge, around 88 MB. Once done installing it, you can now extract it and locate the file named ‘Android-v4.vbox’. Double click the file and the file will be redirected to the VirtualBox. By clicking on the Start menu option, you can directly install the software. Ultimately, you can now use Andriod for PC.

Currently, counterfeit products are created and sold by numerous fraudulent firms. Because of this, you will suspect all that is around you and that involves Windows 7 whether it is real or not. You can test the authenticity of your Operating System (OS), but when a message that says ‘This copy of your Windows 7 is not genuine, go online and resolve it now’, then you better make a way to solve it sooner.

On the other hand, this can also occur when you have accidentally downloaded a Microsoft update. If this case happens to you yet you are very sure that the Windows you have is genuine, here are some steps that you can use to resolve such matter.

Activating your valid license key is the first thing that you need to do. Usually, the trouble arises if you are already using your Windows 7 without activating this key. With that, all you have to do is to restore your pc settings to an earlier time and your Windows will already function smoothly.

In restoring, just click the start button in your task bar. Once done, key in ‘restore’ in the search bar and click continue after you entered the admin password. The next step that you need to do is to select a particular restore point button, and choose the specific time that you want your computer to be restored. Afterwards, you need to confirm the changes you have made and restart your pc when you finished the procedure.

Once done with the process, the very next time you open your computer the message ‘This copy of Windows 7 is not genuine, go online and resolve it now’ will no longer show up. Displaying the error message again after doing the process will show that there is another problem being encountered. You might be experiencing this matter if the free trial of your Windows 7 Operating System has already ended. No need to buy the genuine version as this error won’t appear once again since there are approaches to do that.

First off, you need to start your pc and look for the CMD on the start menu. Once you have clicked on the CMD, select ‘run as administrator’, which will prompt a box to appear. Type in ‘SLMGR – REARM’ in the command box. After doing that, press enter and wait for a several minutes. When another command box appears verifying that the command has been done properly, click on OK and restart your personal computer. At this time, tthere shouldn’t be computer error that will take place.

If ever your screen is still displaying messages like windows not genuine there may be another issue. Once you experience this problem, you must check carefully exactly what could be the possible reasons behind it. You can find some other solutions for this error by doing a search online. The customer support of Microsoft is available on the web, make an effort to browse their official site. Therefore, you should find out if your bought Windows 7 is genuine or not by being aware of each and every details related to it.

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